Frequently Asked Questions


I have over 40 Microsoft Powerpoint files, with each file containing over 30 slides, will Powerpoint Merger software merge the slides into one master Powerpoint presentation?

Yes. Powerpoint Merger will take all your powerpoint slides from each Powerpoint file (.ppt/.pptx format) and merge them into one large presentation.

How does Powerpoint Merger handle files with different backgrounds, font formats and images?

In most cases, the font formats and images will remain intact. However, backgrounds may not carry over to the master presentation.

How are the slides files placed into the master merged powerpoint file?

When the Powerpoint files to be merged are selected, you can rearrange the files in the file table. Slides will then placed into the master file vertically (downward), slide by slide, file by file.

How do I get full access to Powerpoint Merger and what are your policies?

You can purchase the license at our online store and your purchase comes with an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

…I just could not get over the fact that this program did all the merging so quickly with just a few clicks! Neat little program for the Mac.

-Richard Holmes, Dallas, Texas

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